Offer Downloads without the prebundled additions.

Jezza 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

I understand the idea behind shipping known and tested versions, but I also don't want a couple of different versions of the same software on my computer, so would be nice to offer an advance download.

Currently, I have to delete and symlink the folders, but would be nice to just point it at the folders, as I couldn't seem to find where the JRE folder was set in the config.

What would be your benefit except of having to download less?

It's purely a personal preference for a cleaner system.

I just don't like having multiple editions of software installed.

I mean, I could argue about the size, but the JRE comes to about 80 MB, whereas git comes to about 0.5 GB, but I don't particularly mind the size.

Yeah, for me, it purely comes down to preference.

If it's too much work, don't bother, as I can always perform a symlink, or just download the linux edition, as it should work just as well.

I just thought it might be nice to bring it up, as you might not be aware this happens.