Show repo status in taskbar icon

Sync 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 1

It would be nice if the repo status icons (the "orange up" or "green down" icons) can be repeated at the taskbar level.  We just need to add these arrows in the lower-right quadrant of the taskbar icon.

As a maintainer, I would like to know something has changed while SmartGit is minimized.

I believe some media players to this as well, indicating the play/pause state in the icon.

What if multiple repositories are open in one SmartGit window?


Yeah, I do open multiple repos frequently.  I was thinking of just OR-ing the states:

  • show orange when (repo1 orange = yes) || (repo2 orange = yes) || ...
  • show green when (repo1 green = yes) || (repo2 green = yes) || ...