Log window : allow to edit local commits messages

Pierre Goiffon 7 years ago updated by Thomas Singer 6 years ago 5

In the journal view in the main view, you can edit easily a local commit message by right clicking on it and select the corresponding option.

This option is however not available in the log window... And I really miss it when doing lots of cherry pick...

Thanks !

Satisfaction mark by Pierre Goiffon 6 years ago

Yeah, the inconsistency between Log and Journal can be frustrating as we keep needing to switch between views.  I understand both these windows have different context, but for the most part, they are just commit trees, and should work the same.

For SmartGit 17.1 there is a work-around: the Log contains the "Rebase Interactive From" command in the immediate history of the current branch. You can use this to change the commit messages, too.

Thanks ! I need to test interactive rebase further on, for now my past attempts gave me an error message... I'll try more next week !

Since 18.2 this inconsistency disappeared, this ticket can be closed.