Fetch button: Fetch also if one of several remotes cannot be reached

ck05 3 years ago updated by Thomas Singer 3 years ago 1

I do like the new Fetch button in the main window. It has, however, an issue when a repository has several remotes configured and one of these cannot be reached (think: USB device etc.).

If the command cannot fetch from one remote it will discard the whole operation and won't fetch from any of the others even through they are available (or at least the journal does not show any changes). Performing Pull>Fetch From>Fetch Only is then able to fetch properly.

I suggest that the behavior of the Fetch button is changed so that changes from all reachable repositories are used even if one remote fails. It should continue to show a warning in the output window, but there is no need to prevent the valid data from being used. If there is a use case where it fetch should fail in such a way, an option to disable this behavior would be great. Right now, the new fetch button has limited use for me, although it could be a great shortcut.