Less Intrusive Updates (background updates) and Messaging

Michael Sander 3 years ago updated by Thomas Singer 3 years ago 1

I purchased SmartGit and love it, but the constant messaging and update requests are a bit annoying. 

It would be great if there could be a less intrusive way of updating the software, such as background updates. I do not want to be reminded to download new versions or to restart the software. The downloads should happen automatically and maybe there can be an icon or some subtle notification that an update is pending a restart. Google Chrome does this nicely.

Also, the general notifications in the lower right corner are distracting. They pop up pretty much every time I load SmartGit for various reasons... new beta versions, new updates, etc. I don't want to turn them off altogether, but would be better if they were in a place that did not require my immediate attention.


90% of the SmartGit updates will be downloaded in the background, e.g. from 17.1.0 to 17.1.1. They will be applied unnoticable by restarting SmartGit. Only if some files outside the *.jar files have to be replaced, e.g. when updating from 17.0.* to 17.1.*, a longer "genuine" update is performed. This "genuine" update process only takes a long time on Windows and is built to be as robust as possible, e.g. instead of directly messing with the existing installation, it creates a second one parallel to the current one and later simply renames the directories and removes the old directory structure. This takes longer, but has the advantage of keeping a working directory structure as long as possible.