Changes view: allow to configure tools that convert binary files to displayable text files

c600g 5 months ago • updated by Thomas Singer 2 months ago 4

gitk display a simple but great "text diff" of the content changed in files such as Microsoft Word.  This is very helpful when reviewing what was changed before committing and for review.  Please add this ability to the diff tool.

Wondering if this feature is on the radar yet?  Just looking to not have to launch gitk and git gui! :-)

Do you know a good command line tool to convert the binary .docx file to a text file?

Maybe OpenOffice|LibreOffice has something, but I would look at how gitk and git gui do it.

We don't have plans to support special formats out of the box, but rather support external converter tools, because this would be much more flexible and does not introduce special cases.