Journal: show multiline commit message in tooltip

a.faenger 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 4

When a commit message has more than one line it would be great if the full message would be displayed in the tooltip of that line in the journal.

When a commit message is truncated, the tooltip should show the full message too, regardless of whether it is multiline or not.

That's not what I mean. When I hover over a commit in the journal view, then it only displays some status information (Commit ID etc) but not the actual commit message. This is ok for single line commits, however, if the commit has multiple lines, then I don't know that but looking at the commit. I have to double click on the entry, go to the log windows and scroll down the details pane to know whether there are multiple lines and to see the actual full message. This is a very slow process when going through a number of commits. That's why it would be great to see the full message in the tooltip in case the commit message contains multiple lines.


Yeah, I understood what you meant.  My comment above is "in addition" to what you have suggested.  On small monitors, even single-line comments will be truncated, so I would like that tooltip to handle the truncated case as well (in addition to your multi-line case).