Clearer option in "Amend" to re-use previous commit's comment

Sync 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 4

The current behavior when "Amend"-ing a commit:

  • If the comment dialog is blank and "Amend" is checked, the previous commit's message is automatically populated
  • If the comment dialog is not blank and "Amend" is checked, nothing is changed.

For the second bullet point, the usual workaround is to clear the message and uncheck-then-check "Amend".  I realized this while playing around with SmartGit from day 1, but I realize that none of my teammates realize this.

Perhaps add another explicit checkbox like "override with previous commit's message".  Implicit behavior (i.e. having to manually clear the field) is bad UI, IMO.

Satisfaction mark by Sync 3 years ago

Will be fixed in 18.1 preview 1.

Where can I get the 18.1 preview?  The link is not available in the website.

The 18.1 preview will start soon.

Works great.  Love the option to "Don't show this information again".  Thanks!