Add "Quick Filter" for Repositories

Sync 7 years ago updated by benblo 1 year ago 3

I have a lot of repositories in my [Repositories] window, and most of them are placed in groups, and typically collapsed when not needed.  When I need to look for one particular repo which I know the name (or partial name), I need to expand the repo groups and search manually. 

It should be nice if the bottom of the window includes a quick search text field to filter things out as I type.


Clarification:  I was expecting it to show a list of possible matches, kind of like how VS2017's CTRL+; will change it's view to show all partial matches.  I have several repos that contain the same partial name, and it took me a while to figure out that pressing F3 after typing the partial name will jump to the next possible match.

Satisfaction mark by Sync 7 years ago

Just start typing the repository name.

derp...looks like I was not aware it was that easy, was expecting some quick search box as in the git tree view :D

It's almost too easy, in the sense that there's no UI indication that this is even possible. Had to google it and land here to figure it out...

Why do the other views (Graph, Files) have an explicit/visible filter box, but this is one is implicit/hidden? Same goes for the Branches view btw.