Log window: shortcut to the Reveal command

Sergey Filippov 3 years ago updated by Pierre Goiffon 3 years ago 4

It would be convenient to make a shortcut to the Reveal command.

I suggest Ctrl+Click.

This combination is used in such products as Visual Studio, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, notepad++, so it will be familiar for many users.


Ctrl+click is a bad choice because it is used in a tree-control like the Branches view to toggle selection. I know that in some text editors it is used to open links, but a text editor is something different than a tree control.

Ctrl+click is not used to toggling. Yes, it does toggle selection but it is not intended use, just default behavior that Ctrl+click does the same as a simple click.

Maybe Ctrl+Shift+Click then ?

Or even an option to reveal commits automatically when the branch is clicked ?
Or a "goto" option, next to the search box, that would contain a drop down with list of tags and branches ?