Blame submenu up to x years

Thomas Hansen 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 3

Blame is great, but can be very slow.

I would like to recommend making blame into a submenu, or have blame open a selection dialog where the "from date" or "up to x months/years back.

This would prevent blame logs for larger files (or with massive histories) from taking several minutes to open, when all you really want to check might be who made a certain change in the last 6 months.

Note: Git will also complain about "high memory usage" for larger blame files. This feature would reduce the chance of that happening (hopefully).

The problem with certain files is currently, that they are impossible to use the blame feature on. Git will report high memory usage, followed by "ran out of memory" and request a force exit.
When all you need is a 6 month blame report, a multi year (too large) report on certain large files seems excessive.

Yes, it shows the entire file, but takes up 850 MB in memory. It is however quite a bit faster than smartgit, without warnings or errors in this regard., and it shows the file while it's being re-built from the history log.