Add button to filter submodules out of Files

Ram Rachum 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 4

I'm working on a big enterprise project where there are dozens of submodules that don't concern me. I don't completely understand how submodules work in Git and I'm hoping to spend the remaining of my life on Earth without having to learn that. A bunch of these submodules are empty, a bunch are initialized. I keep seeing them in Files and it's distracting because there are dozens of them, and I want to just see files that I change.

At some point I tried initializing them or something, but then it breaks some of our development scripts. Please, can we just have a button to hide submodules?

You can initialize them and then mark them as ignored.

Hi Thomas,

How do I mark as ignored?

Sorry, I meant Deactivate. You can find it in the context menu.

That works. Note though that it took me a long time to deactivate them all, because (1) you can't select multiple ones and deactivate them all, (2) there's no mnemonic for deactivate and (3) there's a delay of 2 seconds after each deactivate action and you can't deactivate another one at that time.

Thanks though, this solves my problem.