Log : ability to search on SVN rev

Pierre Goiffon 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 4

When working on a git-svn project, you can search on numerous fields but not on the SVN rev number. As the log can display both SVN revision and SHA (looooove it !!! many thanks !), it would be great to be able to search a SHA and a SVN ref...

Satisfaction mark by Pierre Goiffon 3 years ago

Thanks, another inconsistency. This will be fixed for the next build (12044): when having the ID-filter selected, not just SHAs but revisions will be matched, too.

Many thanks !

Just tested this with build 12045, I've got weird results... Having only the ID selected, most (not all) of the rev numbers I tried returns multiple commits (2 to 5). The first one was always the one with the searched rev number, and I can't figure out why the others were returned ?

I guess the other commits contain the revision number in their SHA.

I guessed it was in the git-svn header value, but yes you're right it's in the git sha... and it make sense :)
This is ok for me, I'm not asking for a specific "search on svn rev" option.

My work with git-svn is already far easier than before with all the things added in 18.1 ! So many thanks again.