Clicking the Pull button should behave as the Push button does - immediately do the pull

Jeff Jensen 3 years ago updated by Pierre Goiffon 2 years ago 2

Clicking the Pull button pops up a dialog window of the options, which I almost never use, and requires user to press Enter or click.  If I need to do pull options, the button's drop down menu has them.

This is also true of the context menu's Pull... and Ctrl-P shortcut, but those work as is.

Clicking the Push button immediately does the push.  If I need to adjust the push, the button's drop down menu has it.

There is a simple Fetch button available in the toolbar, so we don't need the fetch from the popup.

Just make the Fetch button a default, so everyone sees it, even those who don't think about changing the toolbar.


Indeed it would be nice to get rid of this option popup. But in my 18.2 preview the Pull button submenu has only fetch and fetch more options, not the rebase/merge commit options ?