Cancel in progress/scheduled background processes

Jeff Jensen 3 years ago updated by Marc Strapetz 11 months ago 5

With having more than a few dozen repos for different products (organized into groups), the SG background processes (e.g. fetch) can take awhile to run.  Sometimes I have to wait for them to finish before I can do something simple, such as open the log window, because SG disables nearly all UI actions while the background processes run.

When working offline, it takes so long to timeout that it's faster for me to restart SG.

At these moments I wish for a Cancel button to stop them.


What platform you are using? At least on Windows with http(s) killing the Git process (using the limited means of Java) lets the forked git-*.exe running. We also are not sure whether killing a Git process always is safe for the repository structure.

Using Windows.

Yes, risk exists with killing the running process.  I was thinking of letting the current process finish but not starting another one - cancel running the rest of them.  Is this possible?

Additionally, is it possible to not disable a few options, such as Log and the "Open" operations, during the background fetch operation?


I am also running into this situation. Our projects consist of many repo's (> 50) and when background fetching is happening there is no way to interact with any of the repositories. Two possible solutions:

  • Only disable the UI for the repo currently being fetched in the background so that we can interact with the other repos. It is fine if it still disables interacting with multiple repos together, e.g. in a group.
  • Add a button to cancel the background fetches (possibly letting the current git operation complete, but not starting the next one as Jeff suggests).

The cancel option in the Output window while doing a background fetch in SmartGit 19.1.1 meets my needs, thanks. The current git operation completes and then returns control to the user. 


Resolved in 19.1, SG-12544.