Commit & Sync button in the Commit dialog

Shmulik Flint 2 years ago 0

In my day-to-day work, I rarely do Push, since we work in a large team and several times I pushed only to find out that someone already pushed after my last Pull, so my Push fails.

Instead, I configured Sync to do Pull before Push, and I mainly use Sync, to make sure my repository is updated with latest pushes before I push.

So now, when I want to Commit and then Sync, I need to Commit from the Commit dialog, and only when the ends, I need to click Sync.

I see that the Commit dialog has a Commit & Push button but this is not good, since as I said, I prefer to Sync instead of Push.

Can you add a Commit & Sync button in the Commit dialog, so when I have a commit I want to push to the server, I can click it safely and be sure my commit will end in the server? That would be great!