Refresh (Windows): performance problems when using windows mount points

carterwang 2 years ago updated by ck 2 years ago 3

In SmartGit 17.1 preview 8 (2017-05-18)

there is fix for Refresh (Windows): performance problems when using junction.

This junction issue is fixed.

However, I see the same performance issue with windows mount points.

Please give more details on performance problems: do you have a comparison for the same repository with and without junctions?

For example there is a git_dir


If you try open repo and do some stage/discard/commit

all those operation takes 3-4 seconds of hang before complete

Slightly Off Topic: Maybe a shallow refresh that only refreshes the current directory would mitigate this issue. There should be a shortcut for this, something like shift+F5, with an option to use it as standard method (per repository).

On Topic: I'm seeing similar hangs when trying to stage on a drive letter mounted network share (I know this is discouraged, but sometimes there are policies that don't care about performance). If I could tell SmartGit to just update the current folder instead of the whole repo, a lot of wasted time could be avoided. Please note that in my case SmartGit is very slow, while the same operations over the command line are almost instant (stage, commit and even git status).

SmartGit Version is 18.2pre4