Emoji support

mrchief 3 years ago updated by Thomas Singer 1 year ago 12

A picture is worth a thousand words and carefully selected emojis in commit messages can really help sift through commits quickly. 

Windows 10 and Mac keyboards support typing in emojis directly but its obscure and relies heavily on system fonts. 

It'd be great to see support for emoji text codes like :bug: or any other emoji from https://www.webpagefx.com/tools/emoji-cheat-sheet/ in commit message prompts. 


This function would be very visually pleasing, see https://gitmoji.carloscuesta.me/ . Supporting the auto completion box like you can do in trello and slack after typing ":" would be geat.


Even more awesome would be to see the list from gsc aforementioned site ( https://gitmoji.carloscuesta.me/ ) integrated in the app (They have a JSON file we could periodically pull from to configure the list). From an netiquete "enterprise" standpoint, having this list reassures me as to make people stick with the same "standard" so the log window does not start looking like an impossible-to-scan christmas tree.
This would also add a great "cool" factor to SmartGit (lacking IMHO).

Just curious: for what reason you would like to have emoji-support? For commit messages?

Hello, yes, for commit messages !

As gsc pointed out, GitMoji is becoming a standard in many projects !

Can you give a sample repository URL of a project which is using GitMojis? I'm wonder whether they could somehow be used in the Log graph ... 

For example Atom, whereas not explicitly stating using Gitmoji, uses lots of the same codes for their commit. This is even stated in their contributing guide :


That's interesting. They write "Consider starting the commit message with an applicable emoji" ... so this is about some more formalized classification of the commit. I'm not sure whether I would like to see all that different symbols in the Log graph, but being able to quickly distinguish between e.g. feature improvements, performance improvements, bugs and refactorings sounds really useful to me.

Not all of the commits contains an emoji, but important commits do !

Also, you can just use one subset of GitMoji...

What is important is to add something to your log, easing the identification of important commits. You won't use it just as a toy, but as a tool :)

BTW, on Windows 10 it is possible to enter emojis using Windows+. (dot key).

Emoji support in git clients and git web apps is pretty low for now (certainly just a matter of fonts used to display the commits messages). It's almost mandatory to use GitHub codes instead of characters  - for example :bug: instead of 🐛.

It seems all windows (logs, squash commits etc) can show Emojis (if the message already has them and I’m not referring to text emojis like :bug: - rather emoji fonts that you can insert using Win+. or Ctrl+Cmd+Space on Mac).

Only the commit message window doesn’t let you enter them on Mac - Ctrl+Cmd+Space doesn’t bring up the Character Viewer. Almost every other Git Client on the planet supports this. 

I'm guessing SmartGit uses non-native controls or does something funky to restrict them. 

So if supporting GitMojis is low priority, maybe you can at least fix the Mac bug? That'll probably help a lot.