Make Smartgit available as an Ubuntu snap

matthew allen 6 years ago updated by Peter J. Mello 3 years ago 4

SmartGit will be much easier to install on Ubuntu as a snap. There's more info on it here: https://docs.snapcraft.io/build-snaps/


Yep, it would life easier for everyone, especially when rest of typical toolset (jetbrains IDE's, Insomia REST etc.?) are already packaged in that way. 


I support this with both hands!

That would be going in the wrong direction entirely, it's already so often superfluous for SmartGit to be packaging with its own JRE when so many of us already have one of more versions present and configured for use on our systems. Snap only exacerbates this issue by being purposefully ignorant about extant software components on the system through its insistence on a hard sandbox for each snap. The best approach would be to buy-in fully to the APT packaging workflow and provide their own repository, with different channels for stable, preview and nightly releases, allowing dpkg to determine if installing a JRE is needed and if so, giving the user the choice of which vendor and version to install. I could foresee it cutting bandwidth costs alone by up to 2/3rds and decreasing cruft on user systems from previous updates by using the package managers volatile cache.

Finally, if there's going to be a concession to a sandboxed, cross-distribution package format, by all that's holy please choose the one that actually works well and consistently and is developed according to accepted best practices, namely, Flatpak.