Remove files from history

Alexander Ignatiev 2 years ago updated by Andrey Kolkov 10 months ago 3

Need function to remove big or unncecessary files from history to reduce repo size.

Like this: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2100907/how-to-remove-delete-a-large-file-from-commit-history-in-git-repository.


This is not a common task for 99% of the Git users.

Hi, I've just thought about something similar, probably in another context: quite often I split commit to make changes to particular files included in the commit, part of another commit. I.e. I "split to extract selected file". Making it a single command would be really great (the command could be available in context menu for a selected file in the commit view).

If we take the above to extreme, it would be great to support extraction of a file from multiple commits. I.e. scenario would be like this: 1) open log for a (single) file 2) select interesting commits 3) select "Split to extract". As result every commit of the selected that contains multiple files would be split to extract the selected file changes.

I do understand that again, probably it's not for 99% of users, but I kind of believe that it might be chicken-egg problem: I would say I'd never do commit splitting/editing/squashing if SmartGit didn't make it *dead simple*. So probably being Git user, I wouldn't imagine it would be a "common task" for me. However now I use it daily, without hesitating. Such features make SmartGit different from all the other Git clients that don't challenge the status quo in terms of making previously complex stuff simple.

I need this functionality too much!