Push to several remote repositories

Sergey 4 years ago updated by Brent Christensen 4 years ago 4

I have several remote repositories bitbacket, github etc. I want to push in each repositories in one click. Now i should to edit the configs manually and push to every repository.

Why would you want to have the exact same project in multiple repositories? That seems like an extra task just to keep the projects in sync. Git is intended to have 1 repository for a branch. It seems to me like you're trying to hack around a transition project?

Or are you using this for sub projects, such as a DLL (TChromiumEmbedded for example) from bitbucket, and then your main project on Github, etc ?

Because i have the same repository for other people. One people use github, other — bitbucket

Sounds like a reasonable idea.

I usually work with local repo, backed up on local drive as remote repo. However, sometimes I want a public read-only copy of that repository, for example on GitHub. Having GitHub as the only backup isn't what I like, because:

  • Having no internet connection at the moment leaves me without any backup
  • It breaks my scheme of doing things

Also, check the score on this StackOverflow question:


This is also good for companies that maintain a public repo for certain branches (like current release), but also have a private repo that's integrated into their project management / ticketing system where new features and bug fixes get developed. Don't always want anybody and everyone having full access to absolutely everything. Being able to push a particular branch to multiple repos would be handy.