Add support for partial file commit

Geolim4 2 years ago updated by Chris Kline 2 years ago 2

Sometimes you may need to commit only a single modification in a file.

Some others IDE with an embedded git client are already offering this feature and I would like to see it implemented to make Smartgit a bit more "Smarter".

As an OSS developer I'm sometimes forced to make multiple commit on a single file to separate distinct modification that would not "fit" together in the same commit.


Mhhh Ok, nevermind I was using the compact display x)

Sorry for that.

Satisfaction mark by Geolim4 2 years ago

This is available since ages. Just stage the parts of the file in the Changes view (non-compact display) or even better using the Index Editor, then commit.

Note: there is an open request to allow interactive staging when the "compact changes display" mode is active. IMO this is a necessary improvement in order to allow compact changes view to be useful in daily workflow. If you agree, please vote for it.