Log, Changes view: add more information about diffed commits to tab title

wolkenschieber 2 years ago updated by Marc Strapetz 2 years ago 2

The changes view has a great diff part. This diff shows the changes between the previous and the current revision. However I sometimes have trouble telling both apart. This might arise from using Eclipse, as in its diff view the order is different. (Don't pin me down on that,  it can switch sides to add  to the confusion).

What would really help me is some additional information in the diff part. Annotate the header with a commit date and/or the author. Or just adapt the tab title to: Changes of File (Modified, old-sha vs sha current).

If you just have 1 commit selected, then the Changes view always shows the older part left and the newer part right. If 2 commits have been selected, the Changes view's title shows the IDs in the correct order.

As discussed at https://twitter.com/marc_syntevo/status/974559365209276416, a tooltip with additional commit details could be helpful.