External tools: support environment variables in the Command input field

Frank W. 2 years ago updated by quincunx 1 year ago 3

It's usually recommended to use the following environment variables to locate tools:



Do you mean environment variable support in the Command input field?

Yes that's what I meant.

This way I could specify (and copy&paste) the settings for the diff tools:


Which I found more convenient than clicking and searching for it.

However it's a convenience feature... not a high prio thing.

Having substitution of environment variables like %APPDATA%, %PROGRAMFILE%, ... (the exampls are for Windows, but this would be a benefit on all supported platforms) would make external tools more portable/shareable.

A program could be installed to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs, which requires to hard code the path, including the current user name, in the external tool configuration. This limits the shareability.