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Pull Requests and Feedback Comments should work seamlessly with GitHub.

gavin.pretorius 4 years ago updated by Rajiv Verma 8 months ago 3

This is the only part I don't manage inside of SmartGIT - I do those directly on the GitHub website, then once merged sync up again in SmartGIT and delete my local feature branch. :(

Under review

Please elaborate in more detail where SmartGit's GitHub integration should be improved or what is not working as expected.

k, so there is this 'Review' menu in smartGit, which i think is for this purpose but it wants to 'initialize a new Review DB' in my repo etc. Several team members do not use smartGit (don't ask me why). Currently all Pull Request creation and comment communication happens on the GitHub website. It would be nice if they could continue using GitHub for that, while I have the same functionality mirrorred in smartGit - i.e., i could create a new pull request for the feature branch i have been working on (specifying the destination branch i want my request to merge into) or view all the existing pull requests out there, be able to look at the associated file diffs, make comments etc. all within smartGit and they would see all that on Github - without the need for creating this 'new Review Database' business. Hope this makes more sense. Please correct me if i am missing something in SmartGit.

Also it would be nice to have the same review flow as GitHub - i.e. allowing one to start a review with the first comment and then only submit all the comments (from various files) once you are ready to finish the review. This method generates a single email to the author instead of piecemeal email sent out against each comment.