New Journal and Log view: Always show commit author on log view

Thibault Meyer 2 years ago updated by Jeff Jensen 1 year ago 9

Since the version 18.1.0, SmartGit change how log entries are display: it will skip Author information if it's identical to the above commit.

This kind of modification is too related to SmartGit's user preferences, personnaly I think it is a regression. It could be nice that SmartGit's developers add an option to enable or disable this behavior.

Initial discussion: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/smartgit/ITb73VdKhKA

Satisfaction mark by Thibault Meyer 2 years ago

Yes please. I use the log at the end of the day in order to recall when I was working on the project so I can log hours in our issue tracker, and it's very difficult to spot my commits.

What exactly is harder? Spotting your name in the author column (that should be easier with less information, IMHO) or following the eyes back to the corresponding commits? In latter case, system property "log.graph.alternatingRowBackgrounds" might be helpful? (Preferences, section Low-level properties)

Thanks for the preference tip, its a bit easier now to follow the commit to the author, but I still find it difficult to grasp at a glance where is my first commit (down on the list) because my brain is looking for my name, not those of my coleagues. As it currently is the cognitive load is: 1) spot a blank, 2) look up to see if the topmost name is mine, 3) look down again to see where the blank begun.

Another tool I use regularly has an option to highlight commits made by the current user.  Might make a good option for SmartGit too.


It definitely should be optional, even though I actually find it actually quite pleasing to the eye!


On the surface it seems like a good idea to not duplicate the user name, but I agree that it is not an improvement in the end.  The new format forces one to have to vertically seek to read information that should be closely tied to the individual commit in a horizontal manner.


In 18.2 there will be an option.

I have 18.2.6, but I can't find this option, nor do I see it listed in the changelog.

Could you tell me where I can find it?


Toggle hamburger menu -> "Show only if changed" in the Commits or Journal view.