File table: Changed files inside submodules should have clear distinction from normal main repo files

Sampsa Lehtonen 2 years ago updated by Marc Strapetz 2 years ago 0

Currently (version 17.1.6) if you change a file inside a submodule, the change is listed conveniently in the Files panel (I really love that feature!). 

However, nowhere in the UI it is communicated whether this file is inside a submodule or not. This can make it difficult for people not yet familiar with the project to understand what part of the project they've actually changed. For example, if you try to commit that file, you might get an error dialog about detached HEAD, but it does not specify that this is actually the submodule repo, not the main repo leading to much confusion.

The filter submodules button (Ctrl+7) does indeed hide this file, so by that you can deduce that it is inside a submodule.

I suggest adding a some tag or symbol in front of those files that reside inside submodules to make it clear where they belong to.