Pull: add an optional confirmation dialog for large rebases

Sampsa Lehtonen 2 years ago updated by Mike 2 years ago 1

If origin branch has diverged (other developer has rebased it in order to do pull request, for example), it might be really expensive to do a simple pull where the whole rebase process is then run locally, even if you had no changes at all, or some minor changes. In ideal world this should not happen, of course.

In those cases, a simple optional warning dialog would be appreciated so that if you do a pull, you can decide whether just to reset the branch and do cherry-picks instead (if needed).

I don't know what would be the reasonable threshold for this, but maybe something like behind 20 and pushable commits 20.

I would even appreciate the warning every time it appears that the origin branch had been rebased, with the option to continue w/ the pull (and merge or rebase as configured) or to just stop after the fetch, allowing me to manually do the rebase, or decide to reset and perhaps cherry pick as seems appropriate.