New Journal and Log view: Independent Journal and Log column configuration [SG-11850]

Mike 2 years ago updated by Marc Strapetz 2 years ago 1

Setting the column configuration for the Journal pane should not affect the Log pane, and vice-versa, each should have their own settings.

The desired set of columns and how the values in that column are displayed (e.g. compact vs full name) are different for the Journal pane than for the Commit pane.

For example:

My Journal pane is narrow, sharing the window with with 2 other panes that I like to see next to it, so visible space is limited. On the Journal, the most important column is the message, but I'd also like to see the date and the author (but showing the compact author is fine) in order to give more space for the message. If I can't horizontally scroll, I may decide I don't want the date displayed so I can see more of the message.

My Log pane is much wider with only one pane next to it horizontally because I want to see much more. The message is still the most important column, but I also want to see the full author name and the date.

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