Preference: remember manual proxy setting

MATSUDA Takashi 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 6

Please remember manual proxy settings ('Host' and 'Port' of "Use following proxy").


Wow, thank you!

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My explanation was too simple.

When switch proxy mode to 'Don't use a proxy' or 'Auto-detect the system proxy' and press 'OK' button, the settings for 'Use following proxy' are reset.


SmartGit 18.2 preview 1 will contain this improvement.

would it be possible to have it toggle (on/off) via a single icon click? see mock-up below. helpful when it comes to jumping back and forth between the work VPN and strait thru connection.

Could you please save port number also?

I'm switched to 18.2, and found it is not saved. Proxy password seems also not been saved.

This will be fixed in build 13202.

Thank you! I I confirmed that it was fixed.