Internationalization support

Mauro Nunes 4 years ago updated by Luis Alberto 2 months ago 19 1 duplicate

- especially portugueses

which other languages? please comment

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Do you think that a i18ned interface would make using SmartGit significantly easier (if yes, why it is not easy now)? If, for example, you would write about a Russian error message to the mailing list, would an average English or German user be able to help you?

If language can be selected from config dialog, you can easy switch it and ask help with English error message.

And I think internationalization make it not easier, but pleasantly to use.

French please!

In french industrial regulations, software to be used by operators shall be in french.

I agree english is the default language and it make it easier to get support, but shall cope with real clients and specifications and limitations like that totally disqualifies such a good software like SmartGit.


Who would volunteer to co-operate with us on a long-term base to maintain the language of their choice (except of German and English)?

I can support the Russian language


Hi, I can help you with the spanish language.


I saw https://www.syntevo.com/doc/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=24871207, but it is unable to add languages other than Simplified Chinese.

Right, currently there is only a Simplified Chinese translation.