Save chosen "log window filter" options

Jeff Jensen 2 years ago updated 1 month ago 5

I regularly use the "File (expensive)" option and prefer that it was always on.  I would like SG to persist my selected options.

I looked for a "low level pref" for this but did not see one.

The new filtering UI (moved from pull down list to the banner header) is fantastic change; clearer, easier.

Relating to this request, the setting choices do not persist across restarts.  Is that deliberate or can they persist?


Because "File Name" and "Content" are so expensive, they are reset. Otherwise it may happen too easily that you forget about this option being set (it's more obvious now, but not too obvious, especially not for new users), invoke for a filter and wait much longer than necessary to get your results. Assumption here is that filtering for the file name (and especially content) is a rare event. I think for "File Name" we could a Low-Level Property to persist, though.

> Assumption here is that filtering for the file name (and especially content) is a rare event.

lol, file name is the one I search with the most, followed by content!  I would appreciate the option to have them always on, thank you.

FWIW, I note no slowness searching with file name.  Perhaps it is machine dependent (mine is a good one).


In 20.2 Preview, build 16041 there is now Low-Level Property "log.graph.filter.persistFileNameOption".

Awesome!!  On and working, thank you very much as usual!  :)