When dragging a branch label, is there a need for a popup menu?

griscom 6 years ago 0

Currently, if I click on and drag a branch label, it shows the label being dragged by the cursor, which is great as it makes absolutely clear that I'm dragging a branch label. When I drop the label, I get a popup menu such as the following:

Image 216

But, only the first item has anything to do with dragging a branch; the other items relate to dragging the original commit of the branch. For example, if I drag the commit that the branch is attached to, I'll get the following:

Image 217

If I wanted to drag the commit, I could have easily dragged the commit, and clearly SmartGit knows that I wanted to drag the branch label. Is there a reason why the "Cherry-Pick" and "Rebase" items need to be shown when dropping a dragged branch? And, if not, would you want to get rid of the menu altogether, and just let the branch be dragged? (It may be too irrevocable an action to not need a confirmation, as the original commit may no longer be easily accessible.)