Split list of files to two separate list (as in SourceTree)

bartt 3 years ago updated by Thomas Singer 2 years ago 10

This would be a huge usability boost when splitting a bunch of changes into smaller commits. It's hard in the current UI to see which files have changes which are staged, unstaged, or both.


I totally agree ! It's hard in SmartGit to clearly see what is staged... Plus it would be easier to work with file hunks.


Unfortunately not many users are missing this. But for me this is essential. Using SourceTree for years, but finally on the fence for another tool. But exactly this is what I don't want to miss as it is burned inside my brain.

Maybe it could be implement by allowing two "Files" windows open in the same view. By setting the appropriate filters we could have the split view. :)


Please make it optional because current approach is fine with me.

Alternatively staged files could have different color or background and there could be possibility to sort Files pane by several columns.


Of course, this would be optional. Otherwise we would be frustrating thousands of users who just like it as they know it.

Yep, I would be one of them. I hate the way SourceTree/GitKrakken split the views.

I would totally love this feature! When you have dozens of files, it becomes really difficult to keep track of which you ought to stage, which was accidentally staged etc.

I think the most flexible way to implement this is to allow multiple Files panels, and users are able to toggle the filters for each panel separately. That way, this satisfies those who want a single Files panel, and those who want two distinct Staged and Working Files panel.

We have some new team members who we're encouraging to migrate from SourceTree, and this is one of two missing features that is making it difficult for them to switch over to SmartGit (the other being this issue, which is already in progress).

So +1 on this item


I have implemented something like that but as some kind of super-filter to the current View options, so you only can see 1 list - either the current "mixed" style, the staged files or the files with local changes (for the current "mixed" style, no "Index" and "Working Tree" toggle buttons at the right will be shown, so it will look as always).

We don't have plans to show 2 lists, because this would require much more work.

You can give it a try in 18.1 preview #12063 (Help | Check for Latest Build).