System tray: show a notification when a git operation that took more than a few seconds ends

Shmulik Flint 2 years ago updated by Marc Strapetz 2 years ago 0

Often, when I do Sync, it takes a few minutes in which I can't do other actions in SmartGit and cannot logoff as I want the action to finish. So, I switch to reading mail or surfing the web until it finishes. But then I need to constantly switch to SmartGit to check if the action has finished.

It would be nice if SmartGit could raise a system tray notification once a lengthy operation has finished. Each operation that takes more than 5 seconds (this can be configurable) would show a notification when it ends. The notification should also indicate the action's status, so for instance, if it is green, I know I can safely logoff, knowing my changes are pushed.