Bitbucket(Server): enable "Create pull request" for from the main window.

W. Gauch 2 years ago updated by Marc Strapetz 2 years ago 0

When I select a branch in the Branches tab, Review > Create Pull Request is still grayed out. But it's available in the same menu in the log window. Please enable "Create pull request" for Bitbucket server from the main window.

I can do everything needed to create and prepare the feature branch for the pull request in the main window, but then for the last step as a feature developer I need to open a different window, look for my feature branch again, and finally open the pull request. This is a disruption
in the workflow.
(Reviewing the pull request (fetch, look at commits, comment, approve ;-), merge) is another workflow, usually by a different person - it's okay that this happens in the log window, as we
need the log for that.)