Log: option to show/filter only for first-parent commits [SG-12254]

Gilberto 2 years ago updated by Mikhail Matrosov 2 years ago 11

For a more general approach, see: https://smartgit.userecho.com/topics/805

When grepping for commits I'd like to filter out any commits that are not part of the mainline history. From the command line I can do this by providing the '--first-parent' option.

I like this idea because it could provide the linear history of the Journal in the Log window.


Available as "experimental" feature in latest 18.2 Preview build (13137): set Low-level property "experimentalFeaturesEnabled=true" in the Preferences, then Show Only First Parents will be available from the Commits view hamburger menu.

This is absolutely awesome! I really love it. Can I make a minor suggestion though? It would be convenient and consistent to draw a little "tail" for merge commits, just the way it is done in Journal.


Good point. This will also be helpful to immediately recognize that the "first parent" mode is currently active -- something that was slightly confusing me for my tests ... this will be present in the next (upcoming) build 13138.

It's not loading additional commits when you scroll to the bottom. You have to disable it, scroll until more commits are loaded, and then re-enable.

Thanks, Robert. This will be fixed for 18.2 preview 10.


Will become a valid option (not experimental) in 19.1 

It would be really often to be able to expand a certain merge on click. E.g. I look through the history, notice an interesting merge, and I want to "go deeper". I click on it, and then the merged branch expands! Magic!