Log: option to toggle visibility of parent commits

Mikhail Matrosov 2 years ago updated 11 months ago 5

This is related to: https://smartgit.userecho.com/topics/804

But is a more general approach. I would like to choose any state between "only first parents are shown" (proposed in the RFE) and "all parents are shown" (current state). I want to be able to hide any parent of any commit (mostly makes sense for merge commits and second parents). In this way I can exclude any irrelevant branches/commits/lines from the log and concentrate only on those I'm currently investigating.

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You can borrow some inspiration in Plastic SCM, how they do Branches View. Basically, each branch is considered a detail. Initially you can see only main line. You see merges on it. Interested in details? Expand a merge, look what's in it.


In version 19.1 one can show/hide merged commits if "Follow only first parent" is selected.

This is a good solution. But I was talking about more general approach, where you can expand merge commits.

In what details the current implementation differs from your expected behavior?

OMG, it turned out I didn't use the 19.1 RC. It works exactly as I expected. Brilliant! Thanks a lot!