Allow easier reset/"rollback"

Hans 4 years ago updated by Thomas Singer 4 years ago 3

Sometimes I just mess it up, and want a clean copy from remote. Right now I have to go to the command line and do stuff like "git reset --hard origin/master". Would be nice if that was easier from the GUI. The Discard button on its own does not work, as by the time that you need this the GUI has often started merges and then all hell breaks loose; there are no more easy ways out.

Satisfaction mark by Hans 4 years ago

Reset hard is already there. I reckon you want an easier to understand way to abort a rebase, merge or cherry-pick?

It can easily be done from the Log window. Just select the commit, right click to context menu and "reset". It will ask you what kind of reset you want. Usefull also to squash commits


Can also perfectly be done from the Journal.