Analytics info between two commits

张辞武 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 2

Now I can see file diff when chose two commits in log interface

I'd request a feature that shows analytics info about the diff between the commits

For now I think add a right menu item "show diff analytics" and popup a new window would be fine

Infos can be shown:

- count of added files
- count of deleted files
- count of modified files

- count of added lines
- count of deleted lines
- count of modified lines

- every person's contribute between two commits(commit count, modified file count, line count)

I guess this is something which could be displayed in the Details view, instead of displaying in a separate window. Though, I'm not sure on computational overhead compared to the Git tree diff which we do currently. Hence, maybe it should be optional.

Extra calculation could slow down UI respond speed, so not recommand for always present in log interface.

As to chose standalone window or optional view panel, would be made by designer/developer