Add "View > Mixed" in the interface

Iulian Onofrei 2 years ago updated by Thomas Singer 9 months ago 7

Selecting "View > Only Index" or "View > Only Working Tree" adds a segmented control in the interface, but when you select "View > Mixed" (or not select the first two options at all), no control is present in the interface.

It would be awesome if all 3 of them would be in the interface like "Mixed | Index | Working Tree" so you can easily switch between them any time.

Satisfaction mark by Iulian Onofrei 9 months ago

Maybe this problem is less relevant in version 18.2 Preview where you have all working tree operations available in the Log windows and there you have separate Index and Working Tree nodes?

But the actual files list is in the small right side instead of the center of the screen, so it's a bit different.

You surely know that you can drag and drop the views. The default layout in 18.2 also has changed.

I know, but when I look at simple commits I want the list to be narrower, so I don't want to enlarge and shrink it multiple times. Whereas the main window's files list is already wide.


We remove the default accelerators F8-F10 in 18.2 preview 8. We intentionally added no 3rd state because we think it rather an option to work either in the mixed mode or in the working-tree vs. index mode.

This was implemented in 19.2, right?


No, just one option was added in 19.2 to switch between mixed file display and working tree + index files. Because of lack of better matching options I mark this request as completed.