"Hosting Provider" setup: Elaborate on errors

Sync 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 1

I was trying to set up my Hosting Provider, and kept getting a simple "401" error message.  My password is correct.

I switched to SourceTree to try out the same thing, and it let me know what was going on.

Can SmartGit do the same?  That would have saved me 15 minutes of retrying :)

Oh sorry, I forgot to elaborate.

The 401 error occurs when a client tries to login to an internal Bitbucket Server too many times with a wrong password.  The login prompt would then tell the user about the need to re-enter a CAPTCHA, as shown above.

For the case of SmartGit, the popup (when I tried to set up the Hosting Provide) only showed something like "Error 401 from <URL>", or something like that.  Sorry, I forgot to take the screen shot.  Basically, it's just a very generic error message, compared to SourceTree who passed along the entire error message.

I guess you would need a local Bitbucket instance to try?