Log Graph: Files view is missing "last changed on" column

andreas 8 months ago • updated by Bugged 5 months ago 8

SmartGit 18.2 has the new Log Graph mode. If I start SmartGit in the Log Graph mode, the Files view is missing the "last changed on" column that is available in the Working Tree mode. Without that I cannot order working tree files by modification date.

We are quite reluctant to add columns to the Log Files view which only have a meaning for working tree files, but not for commit files.

Just make the column optional and hidden per default and everybody will be fine.

I think there are better solutions. Maybe this can be merged with: https://smartgit.userecho.com/topics/835 ?

I really like to start SmartGit in the "Log Graph" layout, but sometimes I need to know which was the last edited file among my uncommitted files. In that case I don't want to change preferences and restart SmartGit in the "Working Tree"

As a workaround, you can just open Window|Show Working Tree Window .

Thx, I didn't see that. Perhaps it can be added it to the context menu of the repo? btw, there is an "open from working tree" that just shows an error popup: "The script file C:\Program Files (x86)SmartGitHg\git\GitT\Bash.vbs was not found". SmartGitHg?

Open From Working Tree will do the same as Query|Open from the main window, especially configured Tools (from the Preferences) will be applied. In your case, there seems to be a Tool configuration which points to the invalid path "C:\Program Files (x86)SmartGitHg\git\GitT\Bash.vbs".


I always sort my files by "Last changed on", now on build 18.2.2 #13212 I cannot use the new log Window as the main window because its file view does not have the option "Last changed on" as the main window has.

New log window:

Working tree window: