Log Graph: Files view is missing "last changed on" column

andreas 2 years ago updated by helt 2 months ago 9

SmartGit 18.2 has the new Log Graph mode. If I start SmartGit in the Log Graph mode, the Files view is missing the "last changed on" column that is available in the Working Tree mode. Without that I cannot order working tree files by modification date.

We are quite reluctant to add columns to the Log Files view which only have a meaning for working tree files, but not for commit files.

Since the Log View has been overhauled, and also is able to show the Working Tree, this Column now makes more sense than ever ;)

Just make the column optional and hidden per default and everybody will be fine.

I think there are better solutions. Maybe this can be merged with: https://smartgit.userecho.com/topics/835 ?

I really like to start SmartGit in the "Log Graph" layout, but sometimes I need to know which was the last edited file among my uncommitted files. In that case I don't want to change preferences and restart SmartGit in the "Working Tree"

As a workaround, you can just open Window|Show Working Tree Window .

Thx, I didn't see that. Perhaps it can be added it to the context menu of the repo? btw, there is an "open from working tree" that just shows an error popup: "The script file C:\Program Files (x86)SmartGitHg\git\GitT\Bash.vbs was not found". SmartGitHg?

Open From Working Tree will do the same as Query|Open from the main window, especially configured Tools (from the Preferences) will be applied. In your case, there seems to be a Tool configuration which points to the invalid path "C:\Program Files (x86)SmartGitHg\git\GitT\Bash.vbs".


I always sort my files by "Last changed on", now on build 18.2.2 #13212 I cannot use the new log Window as the main window because its file view does not have the option "Last changed on" as the main window has.

New log window:

Working tree window: