Files: Option to hide contents of untracked directories

Cerno_b 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 2

Sorry if a feature like this already exists, but I haven't seen it yet.

In the git command line, if there is an untracked directory, the command git status only displays the name of the directory, but not its contents. This is very practical and I would love to see an option in SmartGit's Files view to get this.

Use case: Say you have a project that contains a large temporary directory (build artifacts, script output). Normally you would exclude this directory via .gitignore. However during development it may become necessary to do a quick backup of that directory, usually by renaming it and letting the project regenerate it. Now your renamed version does not exist in gitingore, so now there exists a directory with hundreds of files/subdirectories that will be deleted soon, but for the time being clogs up the Files view.

Having the option to show untracked directories as single directories instead of a huge number of files would be very helpful here. The command line client does it this way, so I think SmartGit at least should offer the option.

Simply hiding untracked files is no option for you?

No, because it does not allow me to actually commit any new files because I cannot see them (outside of the temp directory of course). Hiding allows me to avoid the clutter at the expense of potentially missing files I meant to add. What I had in mind would achieve both results (hiding directories quickly, but not missing untracked files).

Another alternative to this request would be to improve the ignore dialog. Currently I can ignore single files or custom patterns (the default being the file extension). It would be helpful to have a third option to ignore a file's directory completely. That would do for me, although I would prefer the variant outlined above.

You think I should add a new ticket for the alternative?