Branches view: option to copy GitHub URL

TimBailey99 2 years ago updated by Marc Strapetz 1 year ago 3

Often I want to share my guthub branch with a co-worker.  At the moment I have to open github and find the branch, then copy the url.  Would be nice to have a content menu on the remote -> branch "Copy github url" 

When having GitHub Hosting Provider configured, in the Log, Details view, there is an additional "Open" link. Isn't that sufficient? If not, please explain why and give more details on where exactly you expect to see a "Copy GitHub URL" action.

Hi, I dont see a "Open" link in the details panel.  I can see hyperlinks for the commit and my name but I cant click on them or anything.

I spend most of my time in the main view, so my suggestion was to right-click the branch in the Branches window and select context menu "Copy GitHub URL"

(btw I'm on Ubuntu 18.04, running SmartGit 18.2 p9)


Fixed for 19.1 preview, build 14114.