Option to disallow resets from non root log view.

Alan Pincus 2 years ago updated by Bernard Poulin 2 years ago 1

Despite being aware of the issue, every so often I perform a repository reset when the log I am viewing is not a log of the entire repository. Such an action ends up deleting more commits than intended. Given my work habits, I NEVER want to perform a reset when viewing a portion of a repository's log. It seems to me it should be easy for you to detect this situation and prohibit it. An alternative solution would be to provide a visual indicator when viewing a partial log. This could work similarly to the yellow background that appears as soon as something is entered into the File Filter box of the main window.

I am 100% for having a good visual indicator that I am looking at a non-root log view.  

I often looses time and get into other situations just because I did not realize this was not the "real" log.   Very frustating.