Preference: add Proxy excludes

apollox 2 years ago updated by t.albrecht 2 years ago 2

It would be great, if we can not only configure the host and port of a proxy server.

Especially in bigger companies are the proxy server often only needed for the internet and not the internal network with the SCM servers like Git, Hg or SVN.

At the moment the users of these companies must everytime when they want to work on a repository in the internet or check for updates activate and configure the proxy server. And back/deactivate after that to work on the internal projects.

Alternative SmartGit could detect the Windows 10 system proxy settings.

For Git it should be sufficient if the user's ~/.gitconfig contains configured proxy keys in the http or https sections.


That's true. SmartGit's integrations for Bitbucket and other on-premise Git server installations should take the user's Git configuration into account, too.

More explicitly the the proxy setting in SmartGit should only be used for SmartGit itself, e.g. for updates. For any Git operation SmartGit should always rely on user's Git config.