Add "Overwrite" option to "Apply Stash"

Jeff Jensen 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 1

The auto stash feature is great when switching branches and a conflict occurs.

Regularly, I find that I want to apply the one or more stashed files with conflicts anyway, overwriting the workspace files.

I have not found an easy way of doing that; does one exist? 

If not, can we have an "Overwrite" option to Apply Stash?  This would work best with 642-cherry-pickrevert-allow-to-select-the-files-to-cherry-pickrevert on a per-stashed-file basis to limit to one file too.

Well, of course just after posting I find the "Save As..." option on the context menu of a file in the Files view which handily prompts with the workspace location of the file.  That works perfectly with stashes!