Log, Files view: allow to invoke commands on (sub)directories [SG-12394]

Marc Strapetz 6 years ago updated 5 years ago 4

Note: if you are just interested in filtering the Log graph for a specific sub-directory, see topic 879.

As in the working tree window, in the Log it should be possible to invoke commands on directories, too:

  • working tree commands (like staging all files in a directory)
  • external tools (like opening the terminal for a directory)
  • sub-directory logs
  • .... what else do you need?

Please post your ideas on how such an integration should look like!

Note, due to several usability and technical reasons, we won't add directories to the Repositories view.

Most of what I need could be done through filtering the Commits log and Files view.  Just need an easy way to select the directory to filter on and not have to enable the expensive file name filter.

To get a better idea on different requirements, I have added another issue for filtering graphs for sub-directories: https://smartgit.userecho.com/communities/1/topics/879

I need a way to add submodule under a sub-directory when working from the log graph window. The add submodule wizard doesn't allow to specify a sub-directory. It have to be selected before.

Allow to specify a sub-directory in the add submodule wizard could solve this also.


Will be present in upcoming 19.1 preview.