GitFlow : display only latest n support branches / tags

Pierre Goiffon 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 2

When SmartGit is configured with GitFlow, branches are grouped by category. You get a "support" and "tags" tree node in the branches view.

As I'm working on a project that has 10 years oh history, there are a LOT of tags, and same for support branches.

Would it be possible to display the last n items for each, with a "view more" clickable link to display the rest ?

So you want to ignore all tags/branches older than, e.g. 1 year, or sort them by the time of the commit they are pointing to and only keep the most recent x refs?

Not ignore but hide by default !

Smartgit already does a great job by providing the ability to order reverse, but you're still getting lots of elements.

I would like something like :

- support

|  - 2.4

|  - 2.3

| <show more>

- tags

|  - 2.4.5

|  - 2.4.4

|  - 2.4.3

|  - 2.4.2

|  - 2.4.1

|  - 2.4.0

| <show more>

When clicking on the "show more" link, every other nodes would be shown as today.